How do you begin choosing a VPN?

It can be a tricky thing knowing where to start in choosing a VPN. Both for the newcomer and old pro alike. VPNRatings.org will help everyone cut through the clutter. We believe that everyone should absolutely be using a trusted VPN provider and we want to help you get there. Our VPN Ratings list the best options by device, region, even the way you want to use the VPN.

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What is a VPN or virtual private network?

Imagine the power of a group of computers around the world sharing connections for your benefit. That’s essentially what a VPN is. Without a VPN, you’re connecting your computer directly to the Internet. There’s no protection – so everything you do is logged. Not only that, but you’re limited to accessing content including websites and entertainment from your physical location. Most VPNs offer encrypted connections and a variety of server locations so not only is your Internet activity passing through a secure tunnel, but you can also appear in a different virtual location.

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What Can a VPN Do?

What can’t it do! Not to sound (too much) like a sales pitch, you should absolutely be using a trusted VPN provider. Virtual Private Networks:

Secure Computer

Secure your computer’s
Internet connection


Protect your privacy and
Internet search records

Reduce ISPs

Reduce throttling
by ISPs

Ad Targeting

Eliminate retargeting
from savvy marketers

Geo Restricted

Unblock geo-restricted


Bypass government
censorship blocks


Decrease the risk of hacking
when accessing public Wi-Fi


May increase the speed of your
connection through optimal routing

Why Do I Need a VPN?

If you were hoping all your digital data was private, you’re going to want to sit down for this. Third party providers, marketers, and of course, hackers have more ways than ever to access your information – whether you opt in to their services or not.

The best VPN services protect your data and hide your true geolocation. When you use a VPN, specifically a top VPN provider, your personal identifying information and data are safe even after it travels the Internet. While there are other means of protecting your sensitive information on your computer, such as an antivirus, only a VPN will help keep you safe and away from risk.

What do all these high tech terms mean?
Need to know what some of the stuff we’re talking about is? Don’t worry, we have a full list of techie vocabulary.


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