How to Watch The Walking Dead Online

AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror-drama series The Walking Dead made a killing when it debuted back in November 2011, and it remains one of the most popular shows of the last five years. Each and every season has been applauded by recognized television critics for putting an “…intelligent spin on the overcrowded zombie subgenre.” The series has received such an excellent response that a prequel spin-off series, The Fear of the Walking Dead, debuted in August 2015. Whether you’re ready to finally jump onto the zombie bandwagon and start the series, or you’re looking for a way to watch the latest episodes online as they air in the U.S., we’ve got you covered. Every episode of The Walking Dead, both old and new, can be watched outside of the United States online with a VPN.

There is simply no way watch The Walking Dead online outside of the US without first using a virtual private network to mask your IP address. Not sure what a VPN can do for you? Learn more >>

How to Watch The Walking Dead Online

Start a VPN plan from IPVanish and download the free VPN software to your device. For this guide we’ll be using the IPVanish VPN software for Macintosh, but applications and setup guides are available for Windows, iOS and Android, among other devices.

Try IPVanish VPN

Once you’ve launched the IPVanish VPN software and signed into your account, connect to a server within the United States. Using the server-by-city display in the example below, you will automatically be connected to the fastest server in the area you’ve selected.


With your new U.S. IP address masking your real location, it’s time to get on to watching The Walking Dead. There are two places where you can watch episodes of The Walking Dead online: Netflix and Sling TV. Netflix has the older episodes from the series; Seasons 1-6 of this drama are currently available in the U.S. region of Netflix.

Where to Watch Walking Dead

If you are hoping to catch the premiere episodes from The Walking Dead: Season 7, than you’ll have to start a subscription with Sling TV. For $20/mo you can watch AMC — the US network channel behind The Walking Dead — live on your computer.

With either a Netflix subscription or a Sling TV subscription powered by IPVanish, you now have all the tools to watch your favorite zombie drama. So sit back, relax, and don’t let the dead inside enjoy!