How to Watch Premier League Online

As a cord-cutter, getting access to all the Premier League matches can be painful, especially if you aren’t trying to fork over a handful of cash. There are some countries, like New Zealand, that offer Premier League streaming services such as Premier League Pass that grant you access to every single match. The problem is, most of us don’t live in New Zealand…

That’s where VPNs come in to save the day. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will allow you to mask your device’s location so you can make it look like you are in New Zealand. Here’s how it works:

First you need to select a VPN provider; and before you do, ensure they provide servers in New Zealand. There are plenty of good ones out there and you can check out reviews and rankings on them here – as a tip, we have come to find that IPVanish has consistently worked best for us when using Premier League Pass.

Visit IPVanish VPN

Once you sign up and download your VPN client, you simply just need to connect to a New Zealand server and, for as long as you are connected, your device will appear as though you are in that location.
You will then just want to head on over to Premier League Pass and sign up for one of their subscriptions.
Every time you want to watch Premier League Pass, you will need to make sure you are connected to a New Zealand server. Otherwise, you will receive an error message telling you this content is not available in your region.

So there you have it, quick and easy! Signing up for a VPN like IPVanish is not only going to help you with getting Premier League Pass, it will also open up an entire world of other things you can do!