Watch Game of Thrones Online with IPVanish

Acclaimed by television critics and fantasy fans alike, the HBO network series Game of Thrones recently shattered Emmy records and ratings records. Unfortunately for the many who would like to see a dragon invasion in Westeros, this series is hard to find.

If you live outside of the United States (and no impending Netflix releases likely to be planned either) it should come as no surprise that Game of Thrones is recognized as the most pirated series of all time. But there are better ways to watch Game of Thrones than by downloading it illegally, use a VPN instead. While there are many options to choose from, based on our positive experience with the service, we’ll show you how to watch GoT with IPVanish VPN.

There is simply no way for you to continue to move forward in your quest without first using a virtual private network to mask your IP address. It is known.

Watch Game of Thrones Online with IPVanish

Sign up for a VPN plan from IPVanish and download the free VPN software to your device.

For this guide we’ll be using the IPVanish VPN application for iOS, but applications and setup guides are available for Windows, Macintosh and Android, among other devices.

Visit IPVanish VPN

Once you’ve opened the IPVanish VPN software and signed into your account, connect to a server within the United States. Using the server-by-city display in the example below, you will automatically be connected to the fastest server in the area you’ve selected. When your VPN connection is confirmed, you’ll know you’re halfway to the Mother of Dragons.

IPVanish VPN

With your IP address showing you are residing in the United States, it’s time to download HBO Now to your device. Use your U.S. iTunes account to download HBO Now from the iTunes App Store. If you do not have a U.S. iTunes account, use this guide to create one.

HBO Now in iTunes App Store

If HBO Now has downloaded successfully, than opening the app should deliver you to the splash page. From here, proceed to ‘Start Your Free Trial With iTunes.’

HBO Now Free Trial

Complete the HBO Now registration using the email address and zip code associated with your U.S. Apple ID. Remember to ensure that you have enough iTunes credits associated with this U.S. iTunes account in order to finance the recurring billing.

Register for HBO Now

Upon registration, you will be forwarded to a prompt confirming you agree to be billed monthly by iTunes for your HBO Now. By agreeing to the terms, you will be granted access to start watching on HBO Now.

Start Watching HBO Now

Thank the old gods and the new, Game of Thrones is finally yours for the bingeing. Just remember that “the things we love destroy us,” so don’t get too attached to any one particular character in this series.

King Goffrey is pleased