Top VPNs for Windows and Windows 10

Windows had a lot to prove with the release of Windows 10. Hoping to compete with Apple’s OS X Yosemite, Microsoft backpedaled from their changes with Windows 8 to bring back the familiar and much loved Start button. If you’re one of the lucky ones who reserved your version for free before the release date, you’re probably still waiting for a usable VPN client for Windows 10. For VPN software to run on Windows 10, your client will have to be updated to run properly. We’ve selected the top 5 VPNs for Windows 10 below which offer Windows 8 VPN clients as well.

Because Windows 10 is still fairly new, there are not many VPN softwares that have been optimized for it. Running software such as a Windows 8 VPN client that is not optimized for Windows 10 may not work on your newly updated device.

If you don’t have Windows 10 yet and are operating on an older system- you can still setup a VPN on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Because these VPN providers are the best of the best, even their Windows 7 VPN software is likely to still give you the protection you need online.

Top VPN Clients for Windows and Windows 10


The only Top Tier network on this list is IPVanish, one of our favorite VPN providers. Their Top Tier network gives you the fastest speeds while you’re surfing the Internet- you won’t even notice it running in the background. Soon after the release of Windows 10 came IPVanish’s software for their Windows 10 VPN client. IPVanish is quick to update client software to work properly with the routine system updates, so your experience using Windows 10 is glitch-free. Out of the rest of the VPNs on this list, IPVanish will be the most reliable and consistent.

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StrongVPN is next on our list because of their high prioritization of security and Internet privacy When Apple released OSX Yosemite, updates were regularly needed to patch security flaws and other issues in the operating system. As with any other operating system, we can expect the same to happen with Windows 10. StrongVPN can help protect your computer from security breaches and identity theft through all the system updates that are likely to be released. Still offering a Windows 7 VPN client in addition to Windows 8, StrongVPN offers the most security for Windows 10 to protect your new software.

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A well-known VPN provider, ExpressVPN offers client software for most commonly used platforms. With 256-bit encryption, security won’t be an issue here if you run into any new glitches or security flaws with Windows 10. Their software automatically updates like most other VPN providers, but this VPN does not provide the best service for what you pay for. ExpressVPN only allows 2 simultaneous connections at a time from either a computer, gaming consoles, mobile device, or wireless router. Only one device per category can be connected at once, so you’re likely to be manually switching your service on and off between devices.

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PureVPN is known for having engineered and owning their own VPN network. Their client software is favored by their customers because of its clean and organized interface. All settings and personalization settings are listed on the side of the client that is regularly updated. Windows 10 will no doubt complement this software, and they offer three standard types of security protocol. In addition to the skimp on security, there is also a maximum number of sessions you can hold in a certain period of time. For first time and veteran VPN buyers, you can certainly get better security and more data for the same price.

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Let’s recap here: These are our top VPNs for Windows and Windows 10. We considered factors such as amount of security, connection speeds, reliability, software interface, and price. Security protects your connection when file-sharing and VPNs with the fastest connection speeds, like IPVanish, make the best VPNs for torrenting. Reliability means your connection will be stable and not intermittent, while software interface doesn’t over complicate the simplicity of using a VPN client for Windows 10. Lastly, you shouldn’t have to pay $20 a month for a VPN that excels in all these categories- and you shouldn’t. For the best of all these factors- you’ll for sure want to try IPVanish or one of our other top choices.

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