How to Watch MLB Games from Anywhere

Want to watch spring training, regular season, playoffs and of course, the World Series — but don’t have a season ticket? With almost 2500 regular-season games, you want to catch as much of the action as possible. There’s no doubt that baseball fans would love to be able to stream every single one, and while we don’t encourage an all baseball, all the time marathon, you can catch some of the best action with the right tools.

Boo to Blackouts

Before we get into how to watch baseball, let’s talk about everyone’s least favorite b word…blackouts. MLB has some pretty pesky blackout rules. Every game that your local team plays and any game that’s played at the same time as a national Fox broadcast on a national broadcast (we’re looking at you, ESPN) will not be available. If you were hoping your subscription to the service includes postseason games, hyou’re out of luck. That’s an additional fee.

While these restricted option may suffice for casual baseball fans, you might be seeking other (ahem, less blacked-out) options for streaming your favorite games.

So how do you get around these pesky restrictions to gain full access to the MLB season?

Certain sites do exist to give you the option of streaming blacked-out games, though they come with a price*. Luckily, there’s a more reliable and safe alternative, and it’s called a virtual private network, or VPN.

A VPN is essentially a private tunnel that encrypts your online activity, rendering you anonymous. One of the more useful by-products of this function is that it swaps your IP address for one connected to a server located elsewhere, giving you the ability to watch MLB games available in that server’s area. Pretty nifty, right? All you need to do is subscribe to a VPN provider, configure your device with their VPN software, connect to the server where your games of choice are being aired, and boom — say goodbye to blackouts and cheer on your favorite teams without even having to leave your couch.

*Disclaimer: We only provide suggestions on how to watch baseball online, and cannot speak to rules and restrictions associated. Use at your own risk.

Where to Watch MLB Live

MLB fans can use the MLB website and app no matter where in the world they’re located (with a VPN). While these services are a bit pricey, they’re still probably cheaper than a beer and hot dog at the ball park. The website costs just shy of $85 a year if you pay annually, and it gives you the basic package. This includes high definition computer viewing with one feed per game (so no sharing logins, folks)!

Premium Packages for Hardcore Fans

But wait…there’s more! If you want to upgrade,’s Premium package gives you so much more for a measly $5 a month. Premium lets you stream games on iOS or Android devices, and gives you access to the At Bat app for your devices. If you prefer more traditional game coverage, the At Bat app also provides features including video and radio play by plays. Premium subscribers can use the service on a variety of devices, like Apple TV or Roku.


As far as which VPN provider to choose, there are countless options that offer certain features over others. One of our top choices in the VPN game is IPVanish, which consistently proves to be the one of most reliable VPN services available. IPVanish offers subscription plans for 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year, with prices starting as low as $4.87 a month.Their software is super easy to set up and they even offer step-by-step setup guides for a wide array of devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so fear not if you’re not exactly tech-savvy. If you’re ready to break free from MLB blackouts, there’s no doubt that a VPN is your best bet. Sign up for IPVanish today to see for yourself.


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