How to Watch Doctor Who Outside of the UK

The highly popular Doctor Who is coming back for its 9th season and if you want to you catch watch Doctor Who outside of the UK as soon as it premieres, you’ll have to find a way to avoid geoblocks. BBC will be broadcasting this British classic on their BBC iPlayer, which lets viewers live stream all of the latest episodes. Unfortunately, due to regional restrictions, if you’re not located in the UK, you won’t be able to watch the new season on BBC’s iPlayer. With a VPN, or virtual private network, you can bypass this block while still having a secure connection you can count on. Now you can watch Doctor Who online live with the rest of the UK, no matter where you are!

Because of licensing contracts, BBC is only allowed to stream programs in their specific region. If you’re not in the corresponding region, the player will not allow you to tune into the live programming. By avoiding geoblocks, you can enjoy Doctor Who episodes when they first are broadcasted, or catch up on past seasons before the premiere.

Your location is automatically determined by the BBC iPlayer when visiting their site by your IP address. This set of numbers tells the website where you are and whether or not you should be allowed to view the content. A VPN makes your IP address reflect a location you choose by connecting to one of its servers in that location. Once you designate your preferred location through your VPN, your IP address changes and you can bypass practically any georestricted content.

Our first choice for VPN service is IPVanish, the only tier-1 VPN available to consumers. With IPVanish, you can count on a faster and stable Internet connection while catching up with everyone’s favorite Doctor. With prices as low as $4.87 a month, they’re the best option out there. Get 25% off now.

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Our runner-up is StrongVPN, who lives up to their name by having a strong 2048 encryption making your connection practically impenetrable. They have over 450 servers in majority of Netflix’s regions and they’re adding more everyday. Enjoy 25% off.

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In third place is Hide My Ass! VPN because of their amount of servers. However, most of their servers are in the U.S., so you’re likely to experience a slower speeds if you connect to a server overseas.

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Once you’ve downloaded your software from one of the VPN providers above, launch it from your computer or mobile device. If you have IPVanish, you can select the region from the server map and have the software automatically find the fastest connection for the UK. Once your connection has been established, your connection switch will turn green. You can now tune into the BBC iPlayer and watch the full Doctor Who series this fall!

The BBC iPlayer will keep Dr. Who episodes online for 30 days before taking them down, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to watch. If you haven’t caught up on the latest season before Series 9, you can use VPN to connect to a UK or other region and you’ll be on you way to watching Doctor Who Series 8 episode 1! If you’re all caught up, use one of the VPNs above to watch Doctor Who season 9 online for free on BBC iPlayer if you live outside of the UK. Once you’re all set up with your VPN, click here to tune into Doctor Who live or up to 30 days after to catch what you missed!