Choosing a VPN Service for Android

While you might have a VPN on your computer, you should have one on your phone as well for when you’re out and about and stumble upon free WiFi. If you’re an Android user, you’re different. You want to customize your device, get the best performing CPU, and avoid people snooping in your stuff. The best VPNs for Android encrypt all your Facebook activity, searches that give away your location, and emails you send. And let be honest: don’t you use your phone a lot?

T-Mobile’s recent breach of user records prove that even if you aren’t on public wifi, you need a VPN to secure your data connection. We’re listing the best VPN apps for Android that offer the most security, fastest speeds, and best user interface. Read below to see who works best for Android battery life, RAM usage, and interface.

Choosing a VPN Service for Android


The IPVanish app is the best VPN app for Android bar-none. It runs in the background, doesn’t slow down your data or WiFi speed, and it doesn’t glitch your phone out. Your information is encrypted, and you’re not vulnerable to data breaches.  You can connect to any server in over 60 countries and use the VPN to easily bypass geoblocks to watch content on Netflix from almost any region worldwide. Our favorite feature is not having to reconnect each time your screen turns off, as the app will stay on the background without killing your battery.

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Coming in a close second is StrongVPN – offering one of the best VPN apps for Android. With over 400 servers, speed will not be a problem for you and neither will security. Providing a whopping 2048-bit military-grade encryption, StrongVPN with its powerful encryption protects your information better than any other VPN app for Android – and it’s free to download. With lots of manual configurations that you could choose – we’re naming StrongVPN as one of the best VPN for Android users.

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Our last recommendation, and certainly a strong contender if you simply need a free VPN app is CyberGhost. Their free VPN app is available in the Google Play store and their network has over 600 servers. They provide a live server update for service interruptions and for you mobile torrenters, they have a transparency report with DMCA requests. Unfortunately, the app is infested with ads and their service has a 3 hour maximum per session so Netflix bingewatchers beware. While the app comes at no charge, the hassle surely doesn’t!

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There are tons of VPN apps out there, but we know how to see through the bells and whistles. For the best VPN client for Android, IPVanish is the simple and best choice. The connection speeds are speedy & stable while the software is glitch-free and easy on your battery life. It barely takes up memory on your phone, and won’t use up all your RAM- something we can’t say for CyberGhost or StrongVPN. IPVanish clearly made their app with Android lovers in mind and makes the best free VPN app for Android.